x86 Memory Map

All timestamps are based on your local time of:

0x00000000 - 0x000003FF : Real mode interrupt vector table
0x00000400 - 0x000004FF : BIOS data area
0x00000500 - 0x00007BFF : Unused
0x00007C00 - 0x00007DFF : Floppy boot sector is loaded in here
0x00007E00 - 0x0009FFFF : Unused
0x000A0000 - 0x000BFFFF : Video RAM video memory
0x000B0000 - 0x000B7777 : Monochrome video memory (multiple pages)
0x000B8000 - 0x000BFFFF : Color video memory (multiple pages)
0x000C0000 - 0x000C7FFF : Video ROM video BIOS
0x000C8000 - 0x000EFFFF : BIOS shadow area
0x000F0000 - 0x000FFFFF : System BIOS

For color video memory, each character is represented by two bytes: first byte is the ASCII value of the character, the second is the color of the character as determined by the following:
Bit 7: Foreground Blinking
Bit 6: Background Red
Bit 5: Background Green
Bit 4: Background Blue
Bit 3: Foreground Intensity
Bit 2: Foreground Red
Bit 1: Foreground Green
Bit 0: Foreground Blue
The usual value is 0x07, which gives a low-intensity white on a black background.

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