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9 years and change2020-12-19 22:36:47

I should probably note here that November 20 was my last day as a Mozilla employee. In theory, that shouldn't really change much, given the open-source nature of Mozilla. In practice, of course, it does. I did successfully set up a non-staff account and migrate things to that, so I still retain some level of access. I intend to continue contributing; however, my contributions will likely be restricted to things that don't require paging in huge chunks of code, or require large chunks of time. In other words, mostly cleanup-type stuff, or smaller bugfixes/enhancements.

I still believe that the Mozilla mission to make the Internet healthier is important, but over the course of the past year, I've come to realize that there are other problems facing society are perhaps more important and fundamental. That, combined with more companies opening up remote positions, provided me with an opportunity that I decided to take. In January, I'll be starting work on the Cash App Platform team at Square, and hopefully will be able to help them move the needle on economic empowerment.

Working at Mozilla was in many ways a dream come true. It was truly an honour to work alongside so many world-class engineers, on so many different problems. I'm going to miss it, for sure, but I am also excited to see what the future holds.

A final note: if you follow this blog via Planet Mozilla, keep in mind that only posts I tag as "mozilla" show up there, and those posts will be much fewer in number going forward (not that they were particularly numerous before...). I have an RSS feed (yes, RSS is still a thing) if you care to follow that.


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