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The definitive guide to whitespace, part 12009-03-10 23:17:14

Part 1: method invocations

The rules

  • Arguments in favor or against any of the options must not be based on subjective viewpoints (e.g. "it looks prettier").
  • Mention of languages that do not follow a C-style syntax is strictly prohibited (to avoid flame wars).

The options

optionA(foo, bar, func(baz));
optionB( foo, bar, func( baz ) );
optionC (foo, bar, func (baz));

The arguments
Option A is the shortest, requiring the least amount of typing, and fastest compilation time.

Options A and B have no whitespace before the opening parenthesis, therefore requiring a shorter search string when looking for instances of the method invocations (i.e. grep "optionA(" instead of grep "optionA (").

Option B is most convenient for manipulation via a tool (such as a naive code preprocessor), since useful tokens can be obtained by splitting the code on whitespace. Option A would return things like "optionA(foo," which are less useful than "optionB(" and "foo," separately.

The conclusion
To be determined once y'all weigh in with additional options and arguments.


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