Random Waterloo Shots

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The sun setting behind a building. Taken on the driveway between Waterloo Inn and Weber Street. Awesomely colored sky at sunset. Geese crossing the road near the Perimeter Institute. Not just a few geese.. it's a mass migration!
Cars had to stop too :) Another shot of awesome sky at sunset. Another slightly less awesome shot of sky at sunset; this one's a little fuzzy. Clouds galore! Look at 'em go!
Some funky cloud patterns in the sky.. Wheee clouds! Part of a shortcut to my house. As I was walking by, the geese seemed to be ganging up on the duck, all Mafia-like.
The sun à la Hollywood, right here in Waterloo. Taken from the RIM parking lot on my way to work. The sky was quite figuratively on fire as I left my apartment building yesterday. Rainbow from my desk. That sign up there says "Warning: Helicopter Hazard Ahead".
One of these trees is not like the others... The sky was on fire! Pink cloud directly overhead Strange mammatus cloud formations
More mammatus formations Tree with only half its leaves on Lester street. Awesome sky and rainbow Awesome sky and rainbow
Wabbit! Skewers. To be eaten.    
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