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Peace Cereal - Vanilla Almond Crisp Cereal Optimum - Cranberry Ginger Oatmeal Crisp - Maple Nut flavour Life Multigrains
Kellogg's All-Bran Bran Flakes Jordans Morning Crisp President's Choice Organic Granola with honey and almonds Nestlé Nesquik
Harvest Crunch original Cap'n Crunch Crunchy Mixed Berry President's Choice 7 grain with apples and strawberries
General Mills fibre1 Raisin Bran Clusters President's Choice Double Chocolate Crunch Diamond Shreddies Force Active
Special K with "red berries" Crunchy Maple Almond Muesli 50% Fruits, Nut, and Seeds Honey Nut Cheerios
Vector Golden Grahams 7 Reasons Compliments Banana Strawberry granola
Honey bunches of oats with almonds Fibre1 Crunchy Original Multi-grain Cheerios  
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