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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2005-07-25 21:40:08

so i was just looking at my site logs. specifically, the last-300-visitors log. Since the log only goes back 24 hours, my log had only 106 unique visitors. Of these:

Googlebot/2.1 : 7
Yahoo! Slurp : 65
msnbot/1.0 : 4
AskJeeves/Teoma : 1

I also tallied up the total page hits from each of those bots:

Googlebot/2.1 : 12
Yahoo! Slurp : 81
msnbot/1.0 : 12
AskJeeves/Teoma : 4

Despite this, google's index has a lot more pages from indexed than yahoo! does (although yahoo!'s is better sorted by priority). blah.

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