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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2005-08-09 19:39:29

so today at work for lunch we went to east side mario's to braindump on the co-op who's going to be taking over our project next term. then, i get home and check my email... there's spam! from east side mario's! (and before you ask, no, i did not give them my email address.) it's like they're anti-psychic... they shouldn't be spamming me on the day that i go there.

also, i got this snail-mail spam today from a funeral home. unlike most snail-spam, it wasn't addressed to me, or to "the resident" or anything like that.. it wasn't addressed to anybody. figures.. if they're a funeral home they're probably hoping to get it to some bereaved person, so any attempt at addressing it ("to the relative of somebody who may or may not have died recently") could be potentially embarassing.

it's been a weird day in terms of spam.

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