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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2005-11-20 12:07:04

so after long long weeks of über-busy-ness, things are finally easing off. a bit. there's still a ton of assignments/projects/things due on december 2nd, and i expect at least one more crunch before then, but it shouldn't be too bad.

main culprit: SE 463 and the brain-busting software requirements and specifications document. 120 pages of redundant and useless diagrams and massive amounts of busywork. some of the concepts in the course are useful (i.e. how to elicit requirements from customers) but just about everything else is... ugggh.

also somewhat time-consuming, but in a good way is ECE 354. aaah, the joys of writing an OS. from scratch. it's fun, although there's the occasional really-hard-to-find-bug.

and then of course, to round off the core courses i'm taking this term, is databases. good ol' databases. the first half was taught by a guy who nobody could understand, and the second half taugh by a guy that likes teaching us stuff that is mutually exclusive with stuff used in real life.

the constant stream of work has led to some interesting results.. this morning i got up and had no idea what day it was, because as of late all the days seem to be running together. i finally figured out it was sunday, and then i realized it didn't actually matter what day it was, since most lectures are useless anyway, so there's no need to go to class. :)

12 days to go..

Posted by Crypto at 2005-11-21 17:53:39
You didn't even mention it was your birthday!
Here I was sitting down, when I thought "hmmm... I told myself to remember something 2 days ago..."
then it hit me :)
So Happy Birthday!! :)
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Posted by stak at 2005-11-21 23:27:17
thanks :)
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Posted by rohan at 2005-11-22 17:59:35
Happy Birthday
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Posted by stak at 2005-11-23 01:16:37
thanks.. are you back in ottawa now?
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Posted by rohan at 2005-11-25 22:19:01
i am in ottawa right now, until this sunday.
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