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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2005-12-09 17:51:52

i finally got around to fixing the timestamps on this site. instead of storing the timestamps in server-local time on the server, they are now stored in UTC time, and adjusted on display to the user's local time. if you have an account, your timezone setting is stored there, otherwise it's stored in a per-session cookie. you can adjust your timezone setting using the drop-down in the nav pane on the left. it's set to UTC -05:00 by default (although the two people with accounts who are on the west coast have been updated to UTC -08:00).

this was a fairly massive change, so let me know if you see anything break, or if you see any timestamps that are off (for comments or entries or such). as a point of reference, this post is being made at Dec 9, 17:51 (UTC -05:00).

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