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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2005-12-25 18:05:23

so my flight was delayed for 2.5 hours. here i am, at the airport. waiting. argh. at least i got rid of $2 of small change on 10 minutes of internet. 2 minutes left.

Posted by rohan at 2005-12-26 17:44:39
wow what airport is that? when i was in toronto it was around 30c/minute.
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Posted by stak at 2005-12-29 23:21:50
that was toronto. don't know what you were using.. i was using one of the bell kiosk thingies.
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Posted by rohan at 2005-12-30 00:42:35
that's what i used, i got 3 minutes for 1 dollar. maybe you took the thing where it says for a minimum charge you get a lower rate
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Posted by stak at 2006-01-01 23:17:57
yeah, i did. :)
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