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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2006-03-03 00:06:58

so, it's been a while. mostly i didn't post because i didn't have a computer at home and i didn't really feel like doing it from work. but now, that has changed. i am now the proud owner of a new 12" powerbook. well, quasi-proud. mac os doesn't seem to be all that i thought it was, although it definitely has some really nice features. but i'll save that rave/rant for a later time.

to catch up on what i've been doing.. um.. stuff. mountain view itself is kind of empty and boring, but having 11 other softies within shouting distance is really nice. so far, we've gone to san francisco and vegas. the other guys also went to L.A., but that was before i got here.

hm.. i feel like there's more i should be writing about, but i haven't written an entry in a while so i'm rusty. i suppose i'll rebuild the habit slowly.. :)

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