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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2006-04-07 21:28:27

so al gore came to google today to give a talk on global climate change and global warming. it was really good - he went in depth on a lot of stuff, had a surprising number of facts to back up his arguments, and seemed genuinely committed to fixing things. then again, he is a politician. :)

regardless, there's a movie/book combo coming out on this talk that i encourage everybody to watch/read.. it's called "an inconvenient truth." something that particularly grabbed my attention was the fact that if the ice on west antarctica or greenland melt/slide into the ocean, the worldwide sea level will go up by 20 feet, and 100 million people will be forced to relocate. some scientists claim this may happen as early as in 10 years' time. looking at the images that gore had in his presentation of antarctica, it seemed like it was happening awfully fast.

check out for more info.

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