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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2004-12-19 11:57:48

so i was bored yesterday and didn't feel like programming on any of my currently active projects, so i tried to make a hello world boot disk. rather than just writing an app and tossing it into the disk, i had to write directly to the boot sector on the disk.

for some strange reason, this is easier in windows than in linux (at least so it appeared from the tutorial-thingy i was using). dos debug can do a lot of cool stuff. i, on the other hand, had to use the "as" assembler, which would only output ELF files, and then scrape out my machine code from those ELF files and stick them onto the boot sector using dd.

in the end, i got it to print out single characters without any problem, so i have an "H" boot disk.. but I couldn't get it to print out the whole "Hello world!" message. argh.

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