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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2006-04-10 22:11:44

.. or maybe it's n+2. whatever. in san antonio now, which is nicer than i expected. it's a very walkable downtown, which is more than can be said for most US cities. i find it's on par with boston or manhattan for walkability, but much smaller.

we had the opening ceremonies today, which just went on and on. summarized, they said that baylor university, the ACM, and IBM are all gods. that's what i got out of it anyway. a lot of self-congratulation (they even had prizes for themselves!), but whatever. it's a good thing that they host the contest, and they do deserve the kudos, even if they have to give it to themselves.

what else.. there was a practice session today where we tested out the environment a bit. seems pretty decent. they had some login problems (the password they gave us didn't work, we had to enclose it in quotes for it to work) and some printer problems (it didn't work at first, then they fixed it), but other than that it was pretty solid. there was a second practice session that we didn't go to since there wasn't much point.

each evening here they a "IBM cyber-cafe" which is pretty cool.. they have terminals and some board games and presentations on stuff from IBM people. some interesting topics, but it seems like most of the presenters are more marketing-type people and so don't respond to well to technical questions. they also have a giant chess board set up in the middle of the room (for a sense of scale, the king is knee-height) which is constantly in use :)

tomorrow we have the java challenge, which is some "fun" competition where we'll have to write some sort of AI thing.. don't know details, but i'll see tomorrow.

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