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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2006-04-10 22:45:13

something else i was wondering about seems to have been answered here. it says that vista can run on the intel macs, which i figured would be possible. the interesting thing is that the aero glass effects work. i wasn't sure if the intel macs would be powerful enough to handle the full bloat of vista, but it seems like it can. this really gives apple the advantage, because now vendors can pump macs even more with a "vista-ready" bullet point. given the hoopla over microsoft's plan to label PCs as "vista-ready" for this christmas, this could be a pretty big deal, and get even more people buying a mac at the end of this year.

the question now is, will microsoft start hacking things onto vista so that it doesn't run on mac hardware? some people say that the whole bootcamp thing is good for microsoft, since they sell a windows license for each person that uses bootcamp. i don't see it that way, and i don't think bill gates is going to see it that way, either. they either allow vista to run and risk losing a chunk of their consumers, or they stop vista from running and get lambasted by a tech community that already hates their guts, and possibly get slapped with another antitrust suit. let's see what they pick..

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