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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2006-05-10 02:35:53

since my last post, i've finished work at google, moved back to waterloo, and am now knee-deep in schoolwork. like last term, this term looks like it'll go up to eyeball-deep sometime between around midterms, although hopefully the workload will abate shortly thereafter. "abate" being a relative term, of course. i'll probably still be busier than i'd like.

first week of classes flew by.. i spent a large chunk of it procrastinating doing my work term report and a smaller chunk of it actually doing my work term report. also, classes. the softie schedule this term is very mondy-wednesday-friday heavy.. all our core lectures and tutorials are on MWF. most softies are also taking distributed and AI, the lectures for which are also on MWF, but tutorials are on tuesday and thursday. i'm also taking astrophysics, which has a tuesday-thursday lecture. anyway, the end result is a very light tuesday and thursday, but a marathon of classes on MWF. i don't really mind it that much, since i don't pay much attention in class anyway.

even now that i'm back, i'm finding i'm using my powerbook as my primary machine. i've attempted to set up my old desktop as a multi-purpose server (file, web, ssh, etc.) but ran into a few (minor) problems that i haven't gotten around to solving yet. i'll probably get around to doing that sometime this week, but even so i'm not sure how useful it'll be. meh well.

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