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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2006-07-26 17:34:34

so, another term is coming to a close. classes are over, exams are next week. my last exam is on the 10th, and then i'll be done 4A (assuming i pass). w00t! i'm trying to find courses for next term, which is turning out to be harder than i expected. as previously mentioned, i'm planning on taking real-time and compilers along with the core SE3 course.

seeing as both real-time and compilers are full-time courses, and i need to take at least 5 courses to remain enrolled in engineering, i need to find to the easiest two courses at UW to fill those last two slots. by "easiest", of course, i mean "least time-consuming". i've already taken econ 101 and 102, as well as sci 206, so those are all ruled out. anybody have any other ideas? i was poking around the course descriptions and noticed some really odd courses, such as Ireland Before the Famine, which of course would not be complete without Ireland After the Famine. does anybody actually take these courses?

anyway, in other news, slipstream (where i'll be co-op'ing in the fall) got bought out by RIM a few weeks ago, which is pretty exciting. slipstream is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of RIM, so i'm not exactly sure how that's going to change operating procedures. anyway, i was pretty happy at RIM for my first two co-op work terms, so i figure i won't really have a problem regardless of which company's culture dominates. looking forward to next term.. :)

also, i finally managed to find housing for next term. yay for having a place to live.. although it's kind of far from where i'll be working so i'll probably end up getting a bike.

Posted by Greg at 2006-07-26 18:39:15
Does this mean you can start talking about Google again, or is your mind still tainted with secrets?
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Posted by stak at 2006-07-27 02:06:38
hm.. my mind is still tainted with secrets, unfortunately. and it's not nearly as much fun if you actually know what they're planning and/or doing. i've kind of switched to talking about Apple, but they don't do stuff nearly as often as Google. i'm hoping for some interesting stuff to come out of WWDC next month, though.
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