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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2006-08-06 18:02:44

exams: 4 down, 2 go. the 4 exams so far were marathoned in 4 days (1 each day), so it was pretty tiring. as soon as one exam was over, we'd break for an hour or two and then go back to studying for the next one. for me, at least, the exams got progressively worse. distributed was first, which went pretty well (too much writing, though). after that came SE2, which was decent. third was systems performance analysis, where i had to guess at some of the questions, but i think my guesses were reasonable. last was networks and security, where i had absolutely no idea what some of the questions were asking. i guess my strategy of not going to class doesn't actually work as well as i thought. :( anyway, two more exams left. AI on tuesday, and astrophysics on thursday. they shouldn't be too bad.

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