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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2005-01-06 17:02:42

just got the new opera for linux. is cool. there's a wack of new features for newsfeeds and such that i don't really use anyway. the coolest new thing for me is gmail support. now i can ditch firefox.. w00t. although i'll still keep it around, because its good to have alternate browsers.

also, they fixed a bunch of issues with text rendering.. most pages look a lot better, although a couple look slightly worse. on the whole, i'm pretty happy with it :)

classes are good.. profs are good. most are better than expected. although i still can't stop falling asleep. i don't know why.. even when i get lots of sleep and am not tired at all before class, i start dozing during. i think i have chronic sleeposity or something.

Posted by Robb at 2005-01-16 02:28:07
I understnad completely - I was hoping it was partly the boring "first-day-of-class-speechs".. and some of it was.. but maybe it's also that some speech patterns just make you tired. Or material.
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