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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2006-12-05 22:00:07

at appleinsider, via osnews: apple's other phone project.

if true, pretty awesome. the coolest thing i find about the blackberry is the mobile IM capability. sure, there's email, but when email is instant, it's the same as instant messaging (not entirely true, but close enough). web browsing is also good, but most sites are sorely lacking in support for mobile browsers, and the experience just isn't the same. if this device can do mobile IM well, it'll probably take off. not at first, since people are, by and large, not used to mobile IM, but once they use it, it'll catch on quick.

Posted by Fai at 2006-12-06 14:55:13
It seems to only work on the Mac IM network which is basically useless to me (and most users of MSN and AIM, the biggest networks in North America)
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Posted by stak at 2006-12-06 19:03:57
True, but that can be easily fixed. Besides, it supports Jabber, and you can gateway to the other networks from that. Minor detail :)
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Posted by varun at 2006-12-06 16:52:28
"the coolest thing i find about the blackberry is the mobile IM capability" - heh, who programmed parts of it, eh?? ;)

I have to say, I really am loving the Symbian / Nokia S60 pack. You can almost (99%) function without a computer. The things that do need a computer, as you observe, are those requiring the internet - particularly, embedded objects. I think it's a function of Moore's Law: throw enough computing power into a small enough package, and it will be put into a mobile phone.
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Posted by stak at 2006-12-06 19:04:55

But this is looking back at it after 2 years, and (almost) all of my bias has washed away.
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