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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2006-12-18 20:49:30

BranchTester is a testing library I wrote earlier this year, and did a little cleaning up on recently. I decided to make it public domain, so anybody is free to grab it and hack it up for whatever they want. The description page has a couple of code samples that illustrate where it's useful, and how to use it, and also has the link to the .jar file.

I didn't bother to Javadoc the code, since I hate documenting. It was originally meant to be used in conjunction with other unit testing frameworks, but I never actually used it with JUnit, so using it is probably not a plug-and-play deal. However, there's not that much code (455 lines total), a bunch of which is framework stuff / syntactic sugar, so it's easy to modify and integrate with any existing frameworks you may be using.

Those of you who proofread my last work term report may remember this, since that's what my WTR was on. :)

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