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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2007-03-17 14:03:25

Also in the past month, we, as the graduating class of engineers, got our iron rings. The ceremony itself was somewhat less exciting than I anticipated, but pretty col nonetheless. I didn't go to the Iron Ring stag celebration afterwards, so I can't comment on that.

As is traditional, we also carried out a couple of pranks on the night before the Iron Ring ceremony. We got a ton of balloons, and filled up the Software Engineering administrative offices (well, the lobby area in front of the offices) with balloons. There's a picture in the daily bulletin. The sign on the door says "In case of balloons, use clean-up kit provided ==> [thumbtack stuck to paper]. Cleanup time: O(n)".

There was a second part to the prank, wherein we made a large "SE" sign out of the balloons and hung it from the 2nd/3rd floor walkways in the DC, so it overlooked the entire DC foyer in front of the library. I didn't have a camera so I don't have photos of it, but I should find some. (If anybody reading this has photos, do tell). There's also a few videos on Youtube of the filling of the balloons (here (00:22), here (05:44), here (01:55), and here (00:31)). There's also a video somewhere of Shaz's reaction when she saw the balloons that's really good. Again, I don't have a copy but want one.

There were a number of other pranks done by other engineering classes - there were a bunch of undergarments hanging around the engineering buildings, as well as noisemakers dangling from the ceiling in the E2 hallway. My favorite, though, was the class that filled 2007 cups with water and used them to block off the 2nd-floor bridge between the DC and the DC extension (it took them a solid 4 hours at least - they were doing it while we were filling the SE office with balloons, which is right next to the bridge). It was amusing watching people going to the bridge, realizing they couldn't get through, then having to turn around and take the stairs up to the third-floor half of the bridge.

All in all, most of the pranks were pretty harmless, and there was a lot less flak from annoyed profs this year than in previous years (in my view, at least). We did get blamed for some drunken vandalism which we didn't actually do, but that was cleared up when somebody who witnessed the vandalism was able to confirm that it wasn't us.

Posted by Graeme at 2007-03-18 15:07:14
There's a number of photos on Crackbook (er, Facebook)...
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