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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2007-04-06 00:32:20

Morfik's AJAX compiler, along with the GWT, seem to be foreshadowing the future of Javascript. In a nutshell: it's too ugly and error-prone to code by hand, so instead, write the code in another language and then compile it down to Javascript. There's something inherently wrong about this model: Javascript is supposed to be a human-readable programming language. Instead, it's starting to turn into more of a machine language - it's being output by a compiler on one end, and read in by a browser on the other.

Ironically, I think these Javascript generators are good news, because they introduce another level of abstraction that makes Javascript more redundant. Assuming enough people switch to using AJAX code generators, the actual Javascript should be easily replaceable with some other language. It could be an existing language like Flash, or something else entirely. Either way, less Javascript is good.

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