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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2005-01-30 05:06:02

so, scunt was over yesterday at noon. 2A chems (aka chemikaze) won. math came second, tied with the 1B mechs. the 1B softies didn't show.. :(

scunt was pretty good overall, despite the fact that events only ran from 1600 to 0900 instead of the usual 1200 to 1000. and over 50% of the people at opening ceremonies were actually present at closing ceremonies, which was great.

science and ahs, which were supposed to put in teams, didn't show. that was kind of expected.. they always say they're coming but never do. a lot of engineering teams where there, though. other than the top three, the old mechs showed up, as did the 1B comps and the 1B civils. and of course, 3A software (us).

the quest was cool. at the end we had 34 letters that we had to unscramble to figure out the final destination. ever try running 34 letters through a standard anagram generator? ugh. when one of the scunt gods came over and saw what we were doing, he said he'd give us bonus points for writing our own anagram generator to solve it.. so i did. well, not so much an anagram generator and a find-all-possible-combinations-of-words-from-/usr/dict/words-that-fit generator. and it would have worked if they hadn't given us an S instead of a Y. we still got it based on some of the combinations it was spitting out, but the math team beat us to it.. :(

anyway, i just finished sleeping for 14 hours, and it's 5 in the morning, so i think i'll go back to sleep for a few more hours.

Posted by Faraz at 2005-02-03 18:46:37

Scunt was awesome. I'm a Chemikaze btw. I hope you plan to participate next term, it'll be much more interesting.

What were you using to write your generator? Just curious; I'm sort of an uber-geek chem eng, if you will.

Faraz /
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Posted by stak at 2005-02-03 19:17:07
yeah, i remember you.. nice shirts :) and i will be there next term, you guys better make it good.

wrote the generator in java.. it's horribly inefficient, but still got the job done. i'll try to clean it up and post it here once i have some free time (i.e. after interviews are over).
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Posted by Robb at 2005-02-25 11:36:01
Were the given letters not actually correct? Sigh...
And Faraz, if you're helping with the Scunt planning, feel free to ask questions (eg: buy less t-shirts, not more) .. and don't let admin nerf it too much..
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