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Posted by: stak
Tags: books
Posted on: 2008-06-15 15:14:39

I recently got around to reading Systemantics (which was recommended by Raymond Chen), and I really liked it. It's pretty short (only 100 pages or so) and written with a very tongue-in-cheek tone. Made me laugh out loud in a couple of places, which not a lot of books do. It basically describes certain "laws" of system behavior, most of which are proved by example (i.e. non-rigorously). Despite that, it does provoke some interesting thoughts about how stuff works (or doesn't work, as the case may be) in general, so it's a good book to read. And it's not a technical book either, so it should appeal to anybody who doesn't take it too seriously. Highly recommended.

Posted by Varun at 2008-06-15 16:44:20
It's fantastic! I read it a few years ago, but took his recommendation on POET. I got that as a birthday gift :)
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