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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2005-02-04 20:39:04

ok, so i read another linux review.. this one about PCLinuxOS. sounded cool (i.e. based on Mandrake) so I tried it out. trying it out, actually. much better than my last experience with yoper. it keeps all the nice things about mandrake, and adds even more integration with KDE. they even have a customized version of OOo.

i booted off the liveCD, and didn't even need to touch the keyboard (or mouse) until I had my X server up and running and needed to log in. auto-detected sound, graphics, network. no problems with anything so far (except that it started off 800x600, which i was able to fix easily).

it seems pretty fast too, although i can't get a good feel for it since it's running off the CD and has to pause every once in a while to load stuff. but still.. really sweet. maybe after i finish my concurrency assignment this weekend and have some time, i'll install it onto the hard drive and give it a full spin.

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