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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2005-02-09 19:44:04

argh. the unexpected mass and volume of my interviews (up to 14 now) has me thrashing for free time. i just realized i also have to read a book and a half by next thursday before my soc 232 "mid-term self-assessment". at least i'm taking it DE so it's not a full midterm. i already have two midterms next week. not fun.

oh yeah, the new cell processor from sony/ibm seems ├╝ber-cool. if it's able to do the things that people were (gossip|rumour)ing about a few weeks ago (connecting multiple cells over the internet or wireless and distributing tasks dynamically among them), that would be amazing. i think it has a really good chance of beating x86 just because thousands of people will buy it right off the bat (in the PS3). that will establish a huge user base without the users even knowing about it.

presumably the PS3 will also support internet gaming, which will get the users to connect their cells to the interweb. from there, it's just a stone's throw to formalize this huge distributed computing network, harness the huge computing potential, and set up a scheme to pay PS3 users for use of their cell while they're not gaming. and then, of course, the users get greedy, buy more cells (not necessarily in PS3 form now), make more money, build a bigger network, ad infinitum. just one of many possibilities.. but yeah, huge potential here.

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