The Nature of Challenge

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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2009-04-03 22:22:42

There's a documentary in 4 parts on Youtube about the philosophy of parkour. It's the best one I've come across at explaining parkour to beginners/non-practitioners, and is well worth the time to watch, even if you care nothing about parkour. It's a bit long (each part is just under 10 minutes), so feel free to watch it in pieces.

The Nature of Challenge - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

Posted by stak at 2009-04-04 12:15:06
Oh, and if you watch it, I'm curious to know your opinion on it. Please leave a comment.
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Posted by Fai at 2009-04-05 02:26:14
so it seems interesting overall. I don't know how accurate what he says is for all/most parkour practitioners. it might be true for him/them or london say, but I'm not sure on what authority he can speak for waterloo.
that being said, I can believe that that is the philosophy parkour is practiced under. no word yet how true it is.
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Posted by stak at 2009-04-11 13:30:25
I agree.. I don't think it's true for all parkour practitioners, but based on experience (mine and observing others) I think the longer you practice parkour, the more your views will line up with what's in the video. I don't think geographic location is as important.
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