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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2005-03-02 20:28:09

so looks like google is going for an OS along with their gbrowser. they've already hired rob pike (interestingly, i can't find the link to the news article using google news) and they just hired some other OS guru from MS. interesting.

this reminds me of a thought i had a while back after reading some book on AI.. google's server setup is massively parallel. on a ginormous scale. that's possibly the one thing that most distinguishes it from other server farms (akamai might come close). it's also what makes their server farm so much like a human brain. if they wrote an OS to take advantage of that parallelism/distribution, they could literally make an electronic brain. it might be a bit stupid, but it would be faster than anything else out there. that's why it's interesting that they hired rob pike, who wrote the plan 9 distributed OS at bell labs.

watch out for them hiring AI experts in the not-too-distant future. then we'll have to start worrying about skynet. :)

Also: if they do create an OS, they better not call it goOSe.

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