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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2005-03-05 00:12:42

now that my multiple-weeks-of-nonstop-assignments are over, i finally have some free time. so what do i decide to do? i started installing gentoo.. but then i hit a compile error when trying to build python. then i noticed that gentoo 2005.0 is going to be out soon, so i might as well wait for that.

in the meantime, i pulled out the PCLinuxOS CD that I burnt way back when and booted that. since i had partitions set up for gentoo, i just re-used those and installed PCLinuxOS on them. probably the easiest OS install i've ever done. bar none. it was almost ridiculous.. i booted the LiveCD, started the install app sitting on the desktop, and while it was copying stuff to the hard drive, i played a few games (Kolor Lines was quite entertaining).

had to do a bit of lilo magic to get it on my boot menu, and off i went. or am going. it has a really nice set of apps included, including krusader, which i couldn't get running on my mandrake setup, oddly enough. very nice.

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