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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2010-01-02 20:05:19

Stolen from Slashdot: The Neuroscience of Screwing Up.

It's an excellent article based on observations of scientists working. I was particularly interested by the DLPFC as described in the article, since I can't see any benefit from having it. Evolutionarily speaking, that should have been eliminated a while ago. And I totally agree with the article that explaining your thoughts and/or problems to somebody else will often directly help you find a solution. I've often started a blog entry about some thought I had, only to realize halfway through that it didn't really make as much sense as I thought it did. Those blog entries never see the light of day, but they do help me filter out some of my misconceptions before they become too deeply ingrained. Add that to the list of reasons why blogging is useful (provided you actually blog about thoughts and ideas, rather than just journaling what you did).

Posted by orchid theory at 2010-01-14 16:05:19
are you familiar with the orchid theory of "bad" genes?
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Posted by stak at 2010-01-14 22:36:05
I wasn't, but that was an interesting article. Makes sense, too.
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