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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2010-11-03 10:52:14

My teeth have been sensitive to cold for a while. I started using Sensodyne a while back which helped considerably, but my teeth are still somewhat sensitive to cold. Today I went for my regularly scheduled dental cleaning, and all was going fine. Towards the end, after doing the cleaning, the dentist was rinsing out my teeth with water from their little water-dispensing tool, and it was really cold. Naturally I winced since my teeth starting hurting.

The dentist noticed my discomfort and stopped rinsing, and allowed me rinse using a cup from the more adequately-temperatured tap water. She also mentioned that they just received a batch of samples for a new Colgate toothpaste that is supposed to provide "immediate" relief from tooth sensitivity, and handed me one of these sample tubes along with the usual free toothbrush and floss as I was leaving.

Now this seems like a perfectly ordinary sequence of events, but as I was thinking about it, I realized that in the past whenever they used the rinse device I've never felt that much discomfort. Also I haven't really noticed my overall tooth sensitivity go up lately; I think it's been holding steady for a while. At this point my paranoia intervened and led me to a rather absurd-sounding conclusion. What do you think?

What do you think?
Colgate paid the dentists to make their rinsing water extra-cold so that they would have a better chance at selling their super-amazing toothpaste
I'm just being paranoid

Posted by Fai at 2010-11-04 02:13:50
100% of those polled disagree with you! :)
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Posted by stak at 2010-11-04 08:29:09
Not any more apparently; thank you lone voice of support!
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Posted by Fai at 2010-11-07 04:33:29
That was you voting in your own poll wasn't it.
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Posted by stak at 2010-11-07 11:07:24
Nah-ah. I voted for paranoid.
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