Wikileaks brouhaha

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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2010-12-04 23:56:26

It strikes me that what Wikileaks has done by publishing all those government documents is equivalent of a gross violation of governmental privacy. It's kind of ironic that the US government is so outraged, since that same government doesn't think twice before grossly violating their own citizens' privacy. Somehow I don't think this episode will make them value privacy more than they did before.

Then again, I guess the concept of privacy doesn't really apply to governments; in that context a violation of privacy is just considered increased transparency.

Posted by Fai at 2010-12-05 21:24:07
I kinda like the theory expressed here
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Posted by stak at 2010-12-06 08:37:22
yeah, i saw that one too. it could go either way. but even if the leak was on purpose, most government officials don't know that so their reactions to the even are still "honest", so to speak. their outrage is genuine and it should affect their worldview and values the same as if the leak wasn't on purpose.
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Posted by Fai at 2010-12-07 00:29:18
True but that would be expecting a lot of integrity and consistency from elected government officials. If they had that, wikileaks wouldn't be needed in the first place.
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