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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2012-01-22 23:18:55

Since spambots/humans-for-hire seem to be getting through my captcha and posting spam comments on this blog more frequently, I've added another layer of security to deal with it. If a comment is posted by a user that is not logged in, then the comment will not appear in any RSS/Atom feeds until it has been approved by me. If it's spam, I'll just delete it so it will never show up in the feeds. It will still show up on the site as part of the comments under a blog post, though.

This should prevent the most common annoyance - spam comments showing up to users following this site via RSS - while not affecting anything else. In particular, if there's a lot of comments coming in on a particular post, some of which are spam and some not, and I happen to be away from a computer and cannot approve the comments, people who are posting in the comment thread will still be able to see the full comment thread and reply to the unapproved comments.

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