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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2005-04-21 14:39:28

so the hard drive that i blogged about on LJ last term resurfaced. apparently fai had it all along. so on the way back from campus pizza today, we (mostly chris) kicked it along, threw it on the ground numerous times, and mashed at it with rocks until the cover finally fell off. then this little pillowy-pouch thingy fell out, followed by the write head protector, the write head, and a couple of magnets. the platters are now severly dented and don't turn, but it's still very recognizable as a hard drive. amazing how long it lasted..

Posted by Eunsuk at 2005-04-23 19:48:52 just couldn't let it go, could you? ;)
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Posted by stak at 2005-04-25 04:14:10
Hehe.. I guess not :)
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