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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2005-05-13 20:35:57

so i don't have internet at home yet and haven't been getting my usual daily dose of tech news, but today i read cringely's latest column, where he speculates on the future of google's web accelerator, among other things.

i'm not too sure about his analysis.. it seems like this would require a lot of effort on google's part, with very little in the way of concrete returns. sure, they could put text ads on every page you see, but that could just as easily be accomplished by a google browser (remember gbrowser?). buying up a ton of dark fiber and then squandering it on something like this seems like a colossal waste, and i seriously doubt google's going to do it.

offloading page rendering from client browsers to a cluster of servers makes sense only if the client machine doesn't have the horsepower to run a rendering engine. these days, even pocket pcs are powerful enough to run full blown rendering engines (see opera mobile, for example). blackberries also have their own on-device rendering engine - although it's not great, it does work at a reasonable speed. only when you start getting down to resource-strapped cellphones do you need to offload the rendering to a server or a cluster.

in fact, for most clients, doing server rendering would actually slow down the browsing experience based on server load and network latency. the main speedup would come from caching common requests and prefetching, both of which can be done with something similar to the current iteration of GWA or a gbrowser/proxy combo.

also, it seems to me that yahoo! is starting to get squeezed from every direction. they're losing out on search and email services to google, and on media to apple. the rest of their services aren't that great and will eventually also be taken over by google (picasa et al). yahoo's been dormant for a while - they just don't make headlines anymore. even though they're still hiring like crazy, i doubt they'll continue to grow as much until they do a major restructuring of their company and focus on something instead of being mediocre at everything.

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