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Posted by: stak
Posted on: 2005-06-28 19:50:35

.. it's google earth. the latest google thingamabob. and it's cooler than ever. a coworker downloaded it at work today and we all spent a good half hour standing around and gawking at the earth at various different locations, angles, resolution, and such. i admit it doesn't really seem to have all that many practical applications, but the coolness factor just overcomes everything else.

i wonder if there's a special category for this kind of app.. not useful, but addictively cool. i wonder how long it'll be before google has an SDK for it and people start programming conquer-the-world games on earth. risk, 3D.

also, it's too damn hot. my computer is starting to crash with an alarming frequency, as is its usual behavior when it's too hot. i should probably pop the case panels off.

Posted by Robb at 2005-07-01 21:05:37
You say it's not useful now... but how long until Google starts making money off it?
John was pointing out that you may be able to sell it to education institutions, or have businesses/cities pay to incorporate their tourist features on the map.
It's too cool not to have a million applications, and some of them must be marketable.
And I'm glad you've found your blog again :)
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Posted by stak at 2005-07-01 21:24:34
They might have business (probably not cities) pay to incorporate stuff on the map, but then they're already doing it for free on google maps, so that seems unlikely.

they now also have a google maps API so you can incorporate their maps into your own application(s). that reduces the chances they can make money off it directly.. so far i think their only plan is by showing ads off to the side like they always do.
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